john b gazes far

john b
gazes far
to further one breath deep whole of his son
spin another star, after near before far
here’s something to dream, to not dream again
of all days as fair one: born starts, buried ends
under this place where time sundered faith
he shrugs between takes
of non-cigarette breaks
at the screen, burned in trance
some postordial dance
spells and shifts in the path
of impossible math
to carve lines in the water
that break ever forth: her
riddles in ripples and answers hard sought are
we all la’in bare by these wholes of air? the chords
which connect us to all all that is left us
when the tree dies the space it entwined
is the shape of its life, small cathedral of time
made wooden; in flesh she was flight
before falling to night, to curve space into life
and whole from the ice; spin another star after near before far
he gazes upriver, past cities and sails
higher and smaller the ripples and trails on
snow leaden peaks to the start
frozen rivers’ heart
to further one
breath tall whole of his son
john b
gazes far